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A Good Neighbor

Being an industry steward is being a good neighbor. Good neighbors make each other feel safe, share important information, and are trustworthy.

How it works.

Neighborli is a network of financial institutions that are aligned to prevent and fight fraud in the Fintech industry. The financial institutions in the Neighborli network have come together and agreed upon basic tenets that will allow Neighborli to share data with banks within the network to prevent fraud.

Situational Analysis

Financial Institutions and program managers struggle managing known fraud schemes and, as progress is made, new schemes emerge.  

Stopping a Vicious Cycle!

FinTech’s are vulnerable to fraud as a result of Financial Institutions’ inability to share information. The vicious cycle has spun up an industry with no consequences for bad actors.

For the industry to prosper, we must all commit to reducing fraud.

Join the neighborli network

As the FinTech industry normalizes, it will need to focus on solid customer service and product development while reducing fraud to acceptable levels.  To this point, there have been no impediments to fraudsters that have decided to target the FinTech industry.  Neighborli is now in position to raise the barriers to entry for fraudsters and identify accounts that are likely going to commit fraud in the future based on past behavior.

By developing this dynamic tool with banks that are aligned and sharing important information throughout the secure and self-contained Neighborli network, Neighborli can mitigate and prevent much of the fraud that has been occurring in Fintech. It is expected that those banks that participate will see significant reduction in fraud.  For those that choose not to participate, it is likely that the fraudsters will determine which banks are not members of the Neighborli network and those banks may become vulnerable to further fraud than they currently experience.

Use Cases

ID Theft

Recognizing that most identities may be available for sale on the dark web is a frightening proposition.

Exception List

Many banks do not currently maintain an exception list which may include elements such as Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), Date of Birth (DOB) mismatch, previous fraud at Financial Institution (FI), etc.