Privacy Policy

Neighborli recognizes that the cornerstone of its success is the trust and confidence of its members.  Neighborli collects and uses personal information for legitimate business purposes only and its policy is to continue to protect the privacy rights of both clients and consumers. To provide members with the most effective and convenient access to its range of products and services, Neighborli must maintain information about customers of the member banks.  Keeping customer information secure and private is neighborli's top priority.  This notice is to inform members how we collect information about bank customers, the type of information collected, and what Neighborli may disclose to non-affiliated third parties.  It also states the steps taken to protect non-public personal information.

  • Collection of Personal Information
  • Sharing and Use of Personal Information
  • Protecting Personal Information

Neighborli is a North Dakota based business provider of consumer identification services. Neighborli does not collect and store consumer information gathered from its web site. Neighborli's web site is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of links to other sites.


We must collect a certain amount of information to provide customer service, offer new products and services, administer our products, and fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.  Financial institutions provide records to a Neighborli repository for use by others in the Neighborli network.  


  • While acknowledging the importance of protecting customer information, we may find it necessary in the course of conducting business to disclose any of the information we collect about member bank customers, in some or all of the following circumstances:
  • Information may be shared with non-affiliated third parties (as permitted by law) who are assisting us by performing services or functions on our behalf, and with whom we have written agreements with;
  • Information may be shared with non-affiliated third parties (as permitted or required by law) such as compliance with subpoena, fraud prevention, or compliance with an inquiry from a government agency or regulator.


Neighborli regularly assesses, manages, and controls risks relating to the security and confidentiality of the information obtained through the general course of business.  Neighborli has physical and electronic controls in place to protect the information against unauthorized access or use. Security enhancing software, password protection on database access for employees and clients, compliance audits, employee training, backup and recovery procedures, physically secure office buildings and procedural safeguards are used to ensure consumer privacy.

  • Employees are required to comply with our established privacy policies/procedures, which exist to protect the confidentiality of customer information.  Any employee who violates our privacy policies will be subject to a disciplinary process;
  • Employees access the information only on a business need-to-know basis;
  • We use security procedures to maintain the confidentially of the information we collect and to guard against unauthorized access, such as locked files, user authentication, encryption, patching, server hardening, data management, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention,  anti-virus, logging and monitoring, and firewall technology;
  • Neighborli web site uses 128-bit SSL encryption to make all communications with its site private;
  • Neighborli web site uses secure usernames and passwords to authenticate users on our system;
  • Neighborli network data is protected by Firewall rules configured to a minimum of OWASP 3.0 using Microsoft Azure and native Azure Log Analytics.


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