About Us

Neighborli has created a platform to develop new safeguards to fight Fintech fraud.  These fraud prevention products and techniques are guided by Neighborli advisors and members.  Using data provided by Neighborli members, the consortium of fraud fighters can utilize the tools that Neighborli is creating to reduce fraud in Fintech.


Neighborli was created to address the ever-growing fraud issue facing Fintech companies and their partner banks. While Neighborli is a newly formed company, John Barbella has been developing the foundation for Neighborli for several years. Importantly, Neighborli has aligned with a family of companies that is at the forefront of the fight against fraud.


Advantage Payment Services is the leader in regulatory technology for banking, payments, and FinTech brands. APS designed a highly configurable, secure, cloud-based platform that integrates identity verification, dispute case management, transaction risk monitoring with Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filing, and document management seamlessly into existing business processes, enabling clients to scale their critical functions as they grow. Learn more about Advantage Payment Services at AdvantagePaymentServices.com.


Advantage Technology Solutions – ATS, formerly Distilled Technology, is a custom software development and technology consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC.  Distilled Technology was founded by Brian Ludemann in 2016, and later merged with its largest client, APS.  This led to the formation of ATS and its focus in the Fintech industry.  Brian has over 30 years of experience as a software developer, architect, consultant, and founding member of several software businesses including ATS. ATS serves as the technology division of APS and provides enterprise software architecture, development, and consulting services for businesses within the financial services industry. ATS has evolved to become an innovator in Predictive Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, and automation while ensuring that intuitiveness and ease-of-use are not sacrificed for forward progress.

Advantage Credit Bureau

Advantage Credit Bureau was formed in 1992 by Mary Campbell.  Advantage offers credit bureau services to banks in North and South Dakota.  Advantage Credit Bureau provides automated decisioning tools that comply with FCRA which is significant as Neighborli offers a FCRA solution for its member bank customers.