Data Security

Our commitment to Data Security

At Neighborli, the data we collect from our partners is the lifeblood of our mission.  And key to that mission is protecting that data in the fight against fraud.  Neighborli takes its data governance responsibility very seriously and adheres to the most strict data security and compliance policies in the industry.

Hosted in the Cloud

Neighborli takes advantage of the most trusted cloud platform in the world, Microsoft Azure.  Microsoft has a great commitment to the security challenges of the enterprise.  Neighborli has built its products on a cloud platform trusted by over 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

Data Retention

By leveraging the near-infinite scalability of the cloud, data can be retained to match any client’s specific needs

Data Governance

Neighborli realizes the power of data.  All data under Neighborli’s stewardship falls under a principled approach to data management.  This ensures the highest levels of trust in all forms of data consumption, strict adherence to regulatory compliance, and auditable access to data sources