Use Cases

First Party Fraud, Data Vitality, Identity Theft Prevention

The use cases below articulate a few of the products that are currently available from Neighborli.

These products have been developed based on feedback from partners that have experienced fraud in these areas.  Additionally, partners have recommended several other products that are presently being considered by Neighborli and its advisors.  

ID Theft

Recognizing that most identities may be available for sale on the dark web is a frightening proposition.

Exception List

Many banks do not currently maintain an exception list which may include elements such as Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), Date of Birth (DOB) mismatch, previous fraud at Financial Institution (FI), etc.

Data Hygiene

Many indicated that their bank has maintained an exception list in the past but it became unwieldy.

Portfolio Cleanse

Review and identify certain accounts within the bank database that could prove troublesome.

Data Share

Banks can contribute and use data to understand potential risk posed by potential customers