Fintech entrepreneur who focuses on the big picture in identifying opportunities for growth and risk. For over three decades, Mr. Barbella has led high performing teams that identified key growth opportunities that have defined the Fintech industry. As an executive of one of the leading Fintech banks, Mr. Barbella witnessed the many highs and lows that industry leaders faced as the industry matured to its present state.  

Mr. Barbella is the President and CEO of Neighborli, Inc., a company he founded in 2022. Neighborli was conceived as Mr. Barbella observed the regulatory focus on fraud in Fintech. There was very little that banks could do to defend against the varied fraud schemes that they experienced at an exponentially growing rate. Working closely with financial institutions, Neighborli is developing a state-of-the-art shield that will warn Fintech organizations of problem accounts before fraud is committed. Neighborli enables banks and their partners to effectively share information to address the problem at its core. By mitigating this vexing problem, the Fintech industry will be able to grow and prosper by developing other financial solutions for customers.

John Barbella