Neighborli Introduces Brad Hanson as Executive Chairman

John Barbella
September 6, 2023

FARGO, ND September 6, 2023 - Neighborli, Inc. has named Brad Hanson as its Executive Chairman.  Neighborli launched in 2022 to address the growing fraud problem in Fintech. Neighborli connects the banking network enabling banks to identify high risk and fraudulent customers who have a history of account abuse with other issuing Fintech banks.

Mr. Hanson, a banking and Fintech innovator, launched the payments business in two of the leading Fintech banks, Pathward (formerly MetaBank) and The Bancorp Bank (formerly BankFirst). As the industry grew, his leadership was critical to those companies that followed into the space. He experienced dramatic highs in a challenging regulatory environment while helping to develop the Banking as a Service (BaaS) model in support of the Fintech industry.  

“Neighborli is the tool that banks need to address the fraud issue that has been looming for so long in this marketplace.  Fintech programs have been focused on top-line growth without access to effective tools like Neighborli to help identify and mitigate fraud while banks have been waiting for a solution like Neighborli to address this vexing problem. The challenge for banks is that the answer does not exist internally but is dependent on an outside company like Neighborli to link data from various banks to identify actors and trends from across the industry”, Hanson said.

In his capacity, Mr. Hanson will offer guidance and deep experience as Neighborli aligns with financial institutions to assemble this critical fraud-fighting network. He will provide key insights for financial institution members that are experiencing new challenges for the first time.    

“Brad is exactly the type of leader that we were looking for given his breadth of experience as he pioneered banking for the Fintech industry. Brad has been through the wars and has prospered. Despite facing what seemed to be insurmountable odds, he drove productive working relationships with bank regulators to develop the compliance infrastructure required to drive the Fintech industry forward”, offered Neighborli CEO John Barbella.

About Neighborli: Neighborli has created a platform to develop new safeguards to fight Fintech fraud. These fraud prevention products and techniques are guided by Neighborli advisors and members. Using data provided and controlled by Neighborli members, the consortium of fraud fighters can utilize the tools that Neighborli is developing to reduce fraud in the Fintech industry.